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Full Moon. The cool June evening air is filled with sweet, romantic sounds.  The ancient theatre under the Acropolis, with its eternal grace, provides an ideal setting. The audience sing along, as, for each one of us, the song brings back memories – of old? of more recent? No matter.

As I listened to the songs ,sung by the exquisite voice of Demis Roussos during his recent concert in Athens, it brought back memories for me, too. Not only individual memories, but collective ones, of events that marked the sixties, the seventies , and the eighties.

Looking at Demis Roussos’s biography, we will see that his life was certainly greatly affected by world events, which were very disruptive, but it seems that for him they turned out to his benefit, in the long run.

Demis Roussos is under the influence of Uranus, as his Sun in the 9th house is in conjunction with Uranus, ruler of the 5th  house of creativity, and in favourable aspect – trine- to Jupiter. Such is the nature of Uranus – upheaval, disruption,doing away with the known, the comfortable, the predictable, and forcing one to plunge into the unknown.

I’d like to focus here, from an astrological point of view, on a number of life-changing events which affected his life, which events  were not only of a personal,  but of a  collective nature, affected not only a large number of people but whole countries and influence the socio-political conditions of their respective time periods.

Certainly, in Demis’s case, the Uranian events outlined below, although upsetting , did turn out well eventually.

Demis was born in Egypt, Alexandria in 1946, where he lived with his family up to 1961, when the Suez crisis came to a head and many foreign residents had to flea the country. So with Demis’s family, they moved back to their country of origin, Greece.

Below is Demis’s progressed chart for 1961, upon his family’s leaving Egypt and return to Greece  :

We see in his chart above that the progressed moon conjuncted natal Venus in Cancer, which is natally conjunct saturn, and also formed a conjunction with prog. Saturn. The presence of Saturn suggests that the move was made under stressful conditions, and , in any case, the ‘homeland’ would pose restrictions on him. After all, his Sun in the natal 9th house, suggested that Demis would make a career abroad, and he would be able to exercise his originality and creativity and feel less restricted in another country – as previously mentioned, his Sun is conjunct Uranus, ruler of the 5th house, and trine Jupiter).

The prog. MC sextile natal Neptune shows his first forming of his group, the ‘Idols’ and his beginning to play in night clubs and sing during his years in Greece.All through 1961, transiting Uranus was sextiling natal Sun, opening new avenues of opportunity for Demis.

Demis met Vangelis Papathanasiou – the now famous ‘Vangelis’- in 1966 and they became friends. They decided to move to England to seek bettter musical career opportunities. However, they were not allowed to enter Britain and were  stranded in Paris instead during the ‘May 1968’ events. Demis Rousso’s started his international career in music in 1968 in Paris, through a crisis situation. They were running out of cash, so, they decided to form a group  and  start recording   songs.They formed the group ‘Aphrodite’s child’ and recorded the song  ”Rain and tears” . A few weeks later, ” Rain and tears” was number one in the charts.

In Demis’s prog. chart for 1968 above, we see the prog. Moon squaring the natal Venus-Saturn conjunction, indicating the difficult situations he met upon leaving his country and moving abroad. But the prog.Moon also sextiled Mars – forming the  new , creative group ( Mars rules the 5th and is placed in the 11th house). Prog.  Mercury conjuncted Pluto, showing the compulsion for going abroad ( Mercury rules the 9th house) but also the  beginnning of his financial  and career success ( Pluto rules the 2nd house, and both prog. planets are in the 10th house of career).  Prog. Venus sextiled his natal Sun in the 9th, creating opportunities for his music, while tr. Uranus and Pluto were squaring his Sun. Apparently, he went through a lot of stressful situations and deep personal experiences which made him different, and stronger at the end. In three years time, we see that the prog. Sun approached the square to natal Jupiter – the time when Demis started his solo career following the breakup of ‘Aphrodite’s child’ .

Demis went through another shocking experience in 1985 .He was one of the passengers in the TWA Flight 847 which was highjacked on June 14 1985.Demis boared the flight from Athens flying to Rome, when the flight was highjacked. Although he ang other 8 Greek passengers wer released after a couple of days, he described this as a really frightening experience.

In the prog. chart for 1985, we see that prog. Mars at 20 degrees Virgo is squaring prog. Uranus at 20 degrees Gemini forming an exact square aspect. This is an aspect showing , among else, danger of accidents especially to do with affairs ruled by Uranus – and of course flying is one of them! Transiting Uranus was forming a T-square to this prog. aspect from 16 degrees of Sagittarius.

Demis came through this experience shocked but unharmed. The protective transit of Jupiter, trining his natal Jupiter, and of course the natal trine between his Jupiter and Sun,thus forming  a grand trine, helped him to overcome this difficult situation . This experience changed him a lot and he decided to go back to his music, as he’d been off the music scene for a few years.

Since, he’s had a successful and productive career to this date. So, Uranus  for Demis, in spite seemingly difficult situations he put him through, works out for his benefit in the long run, along with Jupiter.

Below is a video of Demis Roussos’s recent appearance at the Herod Atticus ancient theatre in Athens, where he sings hiw well known song ” My friend the wind”..

Enchanting is the full moon on June 26, over the ancient Herod Atticus theatre in Athens. In spite of the ominous effects of the eclipse that accompanies this full moon, for Greece, and many others, one cannot help but wander at the beautyof the scene, as the music from the theatre filled the cool evening air, and the moon travelled through the clouds.

” Que sera sera” was the closing song of the concert given by Demis Roussos, sung together with Mihalis Hadjiyannis, perhaps not by coincidence.

After all, such are the effects of an eclipse in conjunction to Pluto . They have the feel of the unavoidable, of the fated. So, ” whatever will be ,will be, the future is not ours to see..”

When Jean Michel Jarre made his first appearance on the music scene, around 1976, I and my fellow students at London University used to listen to ‘Oxygene’,  his completely original, magical music. It was like nothing we’d ever heard before, it seemed so advanced that it was almost incomprehensible, but bewitching – you kept listening on, and wanted more. It made us travel to new worlds – new dimensions, rather, like a psychedelic trip, but without substances.

– A couple of days ago, I went to see Jean Michel Jarre for the first time, as he was performing in Athens. Although many artists followed the musical road he opened , Jean Michel Jarre’s music remains unique- and drives one into unknown territories, into unimagined experiences.

But what astrological significators make an artist so productive, so imaginative and creative, that he works magic with sound, and of course, light? How can one use the laws of Physics to make such musical masterpieces?

Jean Michel Jarre natal Chart

Above is Jean Michel Jarre’s  natal astrological chart. he was born in Lyon, France , on August 24, 1948. When he is performing, his Leo Ascendant comes to the fore – a warm, vibrant performer who enjoys his work and loves to entertain  his audience!

The Virgo Sun becomes apparent later, as his work involves precision, organisation and accuracy. And , of course, his spectacular concerts have made history- he has performed in some of the most revered world Monuments, such as the Pyramids in Cairo, and the Acropolis in Athens -his  shows have been attended by hundreds of thousands of fans.

Another major characteristic of this chart is the T-square  and the Grand trine, which are interconnected – a very dynamic and creative combination, as the T-square provides the hard push, and the Grand trine gives the constructive outlet for the positive manifestation of this energy.  The T-square is  the opposition of the Moon to Mars near the MC/IC axis, squared by Venus – I believe Neptune is drawn into the T-square as well.

The presence of Neptune opposing the Moon and squaring Venus is the signature of inspired imagination and creativity which enables one to enter into the realms of the unknown and the intangible, thus creating unique works of art. As Mars is in square aspect to Venus, special charisma and dynamism is added to this combination – characteristics which are obvious in his work.

– The ‘pressure ” exerted by the T-square is given positive outlet through its connection to the Grand trine, i.e. the Moon is in trine aspect to Saturn-Pluto, and to Jupiter. Saturn-Pluto has a certain obssession, but Jupiter gives the fun part of it all! So, all the creative , imaginative potential of the T-square is channeled into materialisation through the Grand trine – in plain language, one can see in Jean Michel Jarre’s music the great ideas , that indeed must have taken a lot of careful planning, and hard work, to actually come up with the  fantastic music that  , since the mid-seventies, still continues to bewitch his vast audiences.

Mars also is in  trine aspect to Uranus, thus adding the futuristic and electronic character of his music, and the wide use of technology in his concerts.

We could certainly go on to analyse this chart much further  (in  Virgoan fashion) , but music – and light, another one of Jean Michel Jarre’s tools for his concerts – speaks to us by itself, sending subconscious messsages and creating images in our minds, messages that no written language can convey.