On November 9 ,Germany and the world celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. On Nov.9, 1989, travel restrictions between East and West Berlin were suddenly lifted, thus allowing thousands of East Berliners to cross to West Berlin, a right they had been denied for 20 years.

Fireworks illuminate the night sky above the Brandenburg Gate   ( Nov.9 ,2009)

Berlin Wall-20th Anniversary of its fall

My first visit to Berlin was in 1979. In those days, Westerners could visit East Berlin on a one day visa.We crossed into East Berlin through the ”Check point Charlie” in Friedrichstrasse. What impressed me most was the complete difference as one crossed the point, although it was along the same street – while East Berlin was a luminant , bustling western city, east Berlin seemed desolate, grey and shabby in comparison.

I visited Berlin again in 1992, after the unification of Germany. The city was unified but one could still discern the differences between the two parts of the city. My next visit to Berlin will be in Feb.2010, and it will be interesting to see if alll the differences have now disappeared.

The building of the wall was decided by the Eastern German Govt. in order to stop Eastern Germans from crossing- and defecting- to West Germany. The Act was signed in Aug 12, 1961 and the Wall started being built on Aug.13, 1961 at 1.11 am ( according to Frederick Taylor, author of the book ” The Berlin Wall: a world divided, 1961-1989) .

If we look at the astrological charts of the time/date the Wall was built, and the respective progressed and Solar Arc chart for the time of its fall ( Nov.9, 1989, at 11.30 pm ), we can distinguish details of the symbolism of the erection of the wall, and its fall, respectively.

Below is the natal (internal circle)and the progressed for Nov.9, 1989 (external circle) chart of the wall:

BERLIN-SECWe notice in the natal chart that Venus in Cancer is on the Ascendant. Venus rules the 4th house but is in square to the IC, sextile to the possessive / controlling Moon-Pluto conjunction in the 3rd. The reason why the Eastern German regime decided to build this wall, was to prevent the large numbers of East Germans escaping to the West – they had already lost 2.5 million people, and they were thus afraid that, losing so many skilled workers, would be detrimental to the success of their country. The conjunction of Mercury,Sun and Uranus indicates the sudden and unexpected way This came into effect. However, on Nov. 9, 1989 the travel restrictions were lifted.What is most striking in the progressed chart for that date is the progressed New Moon, signifying a New beginning for the country. In addition, prog. Mercury is squaring natal Venus – prog. Mercury is in Libra and conjuncts the IC, while natal Mercury rules the 3rd house – communication and travel , but also unification ,coming up within the country. At the same time, prog. MC came to an inconjunct ( 150 degree) angle with the restrictive Moon/Pluto – the authorities would have to make adjustments to the strict restrictions so far imposed.

Below follows the Natal chart of the Wall ( inner circle) with the Solar Arc progressed chart  in the outer circle , which should give us some additional information of the event:


SA Uranus is trining Saturn.Uranus rules the 8th house and is in the 2nd, showing new , freer values regarding relationships ( Saturn in 7th) would ensue.

SA Ascendant and Venus are in square aspect to Neptune, but they are in a trine aspect natally. The latter may signify the obscure circumstances under which the travel restrictions were lifted. Althought he decision to lift restrictions already had been  taken by the GDR authorities, it was not to be effective till the next day – November 10th. So, one realizes the ensuing confusion   after the announcement by Gunter Schabowski ( the Politburo spokesman), prematurely blurting out at a press conference, on Nov. 9, at 18.54 hours,  that travel restrictions were lifted, effective immediately!

In the Solar Arc chart, we see that SA Mars has come to a square to Natal Saturn ( natally they are in trine). Luckily, although the confusion could have resulted in bloodshed as the Army guarding the frontiers was not informed, this was finally avoided, as eventually the guards opened the gates under the pressure of the crowds gathered  in order to cross over – the dangerous situation involving army action is shown by the S.A. Mars in square to Saturn, but the natal trine between these planets helped to avoid a bloody confrontation eventually.


East Berliners flooded into West Berlin and were reunited, overwhelmed by emotion, with friends and family after 27 whole years of isolation.

Following these historical events, it did not take long for Germany to be re-united again. In fact, less than a year after Nov. 9, 1989,  Germany was reunified on October 3rd, 1990, at 12 a.m. CET in Berlin.