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Raging fires have been devastating large parts of Russia the past few days, with serious adverse effects on people’s health, as well as on the food production situation, as Russia’s crop was destroyed by one-fifth. Worldwide wheat prices skyrocketed these days, pinpointing once again the effects of global warming: higher food prices, higher air-conditioning bills,skyrocketing costs of fire fighting globally…

The astrological chart presented below is for December 25, 1991. This is the date that Gorbachev officially announced that the 1922 treaty of Soviet Union was annuled and that the Soviet Union ceased to exist, and the Russian flag was raised on the Kremlin. Details of the whole process of the disssolution of the Soviet Union can be found below:


The time (14.17) has been given by the astrologer Adrian Duncan.

In the above chart, the natal horoscope is in the inner circle, the progressed horoscope in the middle circle, and the transits  for Aug. 9, in the outer circle.

What is most striking here is the conjunction of progressed Mars, at 2.56 degrees Capricorn to the natal sun at 3.26 degrees. Prog. Mercury is part of the combination, although technically passed the conjunction to the Sun at 4.41 degrees Capricorn. Mars and Sun are both ‘fiery’ planets indicating aggression, activity,fight , but, in this case they are even mor adversely affected by the  exact T-square formed by the malefics Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus and Jupiter (the latter  not itself a malefic, but in this case magnifying the effect of the malefics)  in Aries, and Saturn and Mars in Libra, all affecting the conjunction of progressed Mars and Mercury to the natal Sun .

Uranus rules the 6th and 7th house ( health, work and everyday life affected), the Sun rules the 12th and 1st house (more than 50 deaths were caused by the fires and the death rate doubled due to the toxic cloud),Mars rules the 9th ( the fires had consequences of  global nature  ), and Mercury rules the 2nd ( financial consequences).

The one positive point here is that the prog. Sun is forming a sextile to Prog. Pluto , indicating that in spite of the damage and harship Russia will be able to slowly recover from the blow, and , hopefully, this dire consequence of global warming will make peoples and Governments realize the seriousness of the climate change and  start taking stricter measures for its control.

The Copenhagen  international summit on Climate Change 2009 ( COP15) started on December 7th, 2009 in Copenhgen, Denmark, at 10.00 a.m., as the official program of the event mentioned.

The Representatives of the countries have to come to an agreement as to the CO2 emisssions cut they will have to achieve by 2020.

As the figures show, CO2 emissions have dramatically increased since the beginning of the 20th century, and an increase in global temperature in unavoidable, if the  CO2 emissions continue to increase  at the same rate as they do today.

At the summit up to now, there are many disagreements amongst the countries as to the decrease each one should agree to.

Still, an agreement is imperative, given the scientific forecasts as to the adverse effects which are imminent:

CO2 emissions 1990-2007

CO2 by country / per head of popn.

What can astrology tell us about the prospects of the results of this meeting?

Below follows the astrological chart of the Copenhagen summit, for the time of its commencement, Dec. 7, 2009, at 10.00 am, in Copenhagen  :

Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009

We see here the Ascendant at 4 degrees Capricorn, with the comjunction of Mercury with Pluto on the Ascendant ( 12th house -side) , squaring Pluto.

Much has been said about the Pluto-Saturn square, with its effect on the global economic crisis, but also on power conflicts between countries. In this case, it is indicative of the power conflicts amongst  the rich/strong countries, and in turn the rich against the poor ones .

In the past, the transits of Pluto   have brought about large scale events which affected large numbers of people, great expanses of land, in a dramatic way, especially when in adverse aspect to Saturn. Saturn has a constrictive effect, and brings responsibility against deeds of the past ( in this case, the reckless increase in emissions which is endangering the planet in the forseeable future). The conjunction of Mercury to Pluto is of course , making communications and agreements difficult and power games are played in the background – as these two planets are in the 12th house side of the Ascendant.

In addition, the opposition of the Moon-Mars conjunction in the 8th house to Jupiter- Neptune in the 2nd , shows the nervousness, emotionalism, aggression and false concepts at hand – all of course, having to do clearly with financial reasons, being a 2nd-8th house opposition!

Al in all, this is a very difficult horoscope and does not leave much room for optimism as to the relults of this summmit.

Still, there is a glimpse of hope: Venus in Sagittarius , ruling the Taurus (Earth) 4th house, is in sextile aspect to Saturn, the ruler of the Ascendant, in the 9th house of science and the law, among other things.

In addition, the Sun in Sagittarius is in trine to the Moon-Mars conjunction in the 8th, possibly indicating that collective funds given by the richer countries, will be able to alleviate the financial problems of the weaker countries to cope with the costs of decreasing  emissions , and that a legal ( binding) agreement will be reached by all.

Even so, the difficult aspects mentioned above, would indicate that the agreement wil not enforce the very severe emissions decrease required to definitely ensure the lowest possible temperature increase in the next years. Power conficts and financial pressures are too strong to allow for the best possible result.

The summit closes in a couple of days, and the outcome will soon be known.