Amidst the Eurozone crisis, Greece has been  undergoing its own fiscal plight for two years now. This has come to the dramatic events of the last two weeks, which ended  in , with the mutual agreement of the two majority parties and one minority party,  the election of Mr. Lucas Papadimos as the new Prime Minister , for a transitory period ( length still uncertain) .

Who is Lucas Papadimos, the new Greek PM?

Below follow comments from the recent article on Mr. Papadimos, from the British conservative newspaper ”Telegraph”: (link)

”Mr Papademos, 65, is a widely respected figure in Greece, with a strong background in both academics and finance.

And the article continues:
”During his time as Governor of the national bank, Mr Papademos was involved in Greece’s transition from the drachma to the euro as its national currency.

In a speech made at the Euro Information Conference in 2001, he praised the euro for shielding small economies from the “exogenous shocks” that emanated from the September 11 terrorist attacks in America.

Mr Papademos argued the euro ensured price transparency and increased competition, concluding: “The macroeconomic and microeconomic benefits for Europe and Greece from the introduction of the euro are numerous”.

After leaving the Bank of Greece in 2002, Mr Papademos became the Vice President to Jean-Claude Trichet at the European Central Bank, before leaving the position in 2010 to serve as an advisor to Mr Papandreou.

He has emphasised the responsibility of governments to take control of their own debts, saying: “The ECB’s interventions in sovereign bond markets should not be perceived or interpreted as a ‘freebie’ for governments. ‘           (‘My italics)

Let’s  have look at Mr. Papadimos’s astrological chart ( Solar sign, no exact time of birth is known):

Below is the natal chart ( internal circle) and the progressed chart (external circle):

A Libra Sun, with a wide conjunction of Sun with Neptune, Mr. Papadimos appears as a polite man, and could have idealistic   interests, and other aspirations, and inspirations, indicated by Neptune , which can cause a subtle form of  ambition or self-importance  .  He is stable and organized in pursuing goals ( sun sextile Saturn) , as well as strong, enduring and  very determined in his aims ( Sun sextile Pluto). The presence of Pluto and Satun in the 11th house , trining the Sun, signify the support he receives from old , well-established and determined,strong structures which belong to a wider group.

Venus in Libra, as well as the Sun, aids him in relating with grace and diplomacy to others.

His success as an economist, is denoted by Mercury   in Scorpio( 2nd house) square Pluto and widely square Saturn in Leo in the 11th house, signifying an intuitive , perceptive, and determined  mind, that can carry out plans in secret, and plot, if need be.  The square to Saturn gives the  ability to  carry out plans slowly, patiently and payning attention to detail.

The above traits are indeed useful to a financier.

Let’s take a look at the progressed chart now:

We see an exact square of Venus to the Sun, both at 17 degrees og Cardinal signs. The square signifies a great effort with small results, while Venus signifies relationships, as wel of course as fiscal matters.

In addition, the prog. Moon is close to forming a conjunction to prog. Venus and a square to Neptune ( we cannot unfortunately know the exact position of the Moon, as we don’t have the exact time of birth) indicating a misleading situation, the aspects of which cannot be clearly known – an aura of conspiracy, or a ‘set-up ” situation is likely.

It is not known whether this aspect refers to personal matters, still, in reference to the specific purpose of the Government he is to preside upon ( i.e. the negotiation of terms and the closure of the Loan Treaty  that Greece is to sign with its creditors- a treaty which could have extremely harsh terms, and crucial consequences, on the future of Greece  – fiscally as well as from a national sovereignty point of view – for decades to come)

Still, prog. Mercury in conjunction to prog. Jupiter, in sextile to natal Neptune, shows the  existing optimism -grounded or not- and wider fame, as well as the support he has in this venture from foreign sources ( Mercury rules the 9th house and is in Sagittarius, conjunct Jupiter).

The conjunction, is in square to the natal Moon ( again , if the position of the Moon were exact), signifying great mobility of mind, many contacts , discussions,communications, nervousness, much travelling, a change of residence, but can be at odds with other figures of authority regarding practical matters, as the Moon rules the 10th house  and is in Virgo in the 12th house.

The prog. Sun is in trine to Natal Saturn, signifying stability, form, and support from established, strong structures in authority , as wel as taking on great responsibility.

And below is the natal chart (internal circle) and the solar arc ( external circle) :

Regarding the Solar arc progressions, two aspects stand out :

– The exact conjunction of Mars to Neptune, signifying the element of misguided and/or misleading actions and perceptions , and strengthening the aspect of a ‘set-up’ situation that we talked about earlier on.These may come from the ”partners’ , or other influences from a strong group( Mars rules the 7th house, and natally is in the 11th, in Leo)

In the Solar Arc chart, we notice that S.A. Mercury is in square aspect to the Sun. As Mercury rules the 9th house and is in Scorpio in the 2nd, it means that strong pressure will be applied by foreign forces, in order to achieve their financial goals.

The anouncement of Mr. Papadimos as the New PM,( around 14.35 , Athens time), at the time of the Full Moon in the Taurus-Scorpio axis, signifies an end, rather than a new beginning, and is certainly not an optimistic sign. The transiting oposition of Mars to Neptune reinforces the S.A. conjunction comments we made earlier on the S.A. Mars conjunction to natal Neptune.

The  other transits indicate  , as tr. Saturn will soon conjunct  natalVenus and this will last till autumn 2012,   the hardship of this undertaking as well as  ‘austerity measures’ and the ensuing poverty imposed on the greek people.

The transit of Jupiter in Taurus, forming a T-square  with the natal square of Mercury to Pluto in the spring of 2012 ( aprrox. mid- March to mid- May 2012) will most likely be the hardest period for Mr. Papadimos- and for Greece.

The decisions  taken, and Treaties signed, by this Government will be indeed crucial – if not ‘terminal’- for Greece, and their full consequences will be most prominent after mid 2013 to beg. 2014.